Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Paint it Pink

All photos courtesy Graham Warner

Long before we built Fleur de Lys Villa, we lived in a cozy little beach side rental in Thompson's Cove.  The rustic property consisted of a two story duplex and a much larger main house with traditional Caribbean wrap around porches.  We inhabited the upstairs studio when new tenants moved into the main house.  Graham and Dionne Warner were a friendly couple from Saskatchewan who quickly invited us over for dinner.  Over that meal we got to know our new neighbors and had lots of laughs thanks to their fantastic humor. We listened intently as Graham shared their love story and talked about how useful knowing the 5 love languages is in any relationship.  When we heard Dionne's story, a touching account of surviving breast, brain, and liver cancers, clearly it was a miracle to be sitting next to this woman.   Dionne is a shining example of when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade.  Through her every adversity she puts on a smile.  Late last year we received the disheartening news that Dionne had yet another battle with cancer to win, not only did she put that beautiful smile back on, she once again put glowing smiles on everyone around her. 

Dionne bringing the warmth of Turks and Caicos to her hospital

Hospitals are not well known for being "fun" places to go.  In fact, most people dread walking through hospital doors even when entering as a visitor versus a patient. Dionne and Graham decided they were going to make it fun and cheerful to go for chemotherapy and testing, and make it a good time for everyone else too; doctors, nurses, friends, family, other patients, innocent bystanders:)  Graham has been sharing e-mails since late last year, documenting their creative and catchy themes and Dionne's progress. 

Dionne in her "Ho, ho, ho" suit last December and with her father bringing their Jamaican heritage to the theme party

I personally loved the Mexico theme in honor of their personal chef Mariana

One June 11th Dionne walked in the Canadian Cancer's Relay for Life, where hundreds of supporters showed up to support other survivors, current fighters, and those that were honored in memory.

Dionne and Graham were able to make a trip to Provo for Easter so Dionne could fulfill her wishes to have sand beneath her toes and sunshine on her face.  Pictured here with fellow island buddies, I mean bunnies!

Dionne has been a huge inspiration to me and probably anyone who meets her.  She tirelessly crusades for cancer causes, only resting when her treatments literally knock her out like in the above photo.  Please join Dionne's "angel network" and help her fight this nasty opponent called cancer.  This week is paint it pink canada week, calling on everyone to think pink today and enter Avon's make, create, or do something in pink  contest.

I rallied my art students at the ECG Youth Center to create a special statement in pink to honor Dionne and her words to live and fight cancer by; DETERMINATION, LOVE, COURAGE, FAITH, HAPPINESS, HOPE, and STRENGTH.  Keep fighting the good fight Dionne!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Art classes at the ECG Youth Center

All images by pepperkeystacie

This week I taught a couple of drawing classes at the ECG Youth Center.  On Mondays class my students learned about the different types of light and which types are best when drawing still life's.  Each student drew a sphere and began shading techniques to create dimension and realism.  The kids excitement factor of our subject matter was nearly nonexistent so I decided Wednesday's class we would move on from inanimate objects to drawing correct facial proportions.  This time we had some giggles, many questions, and loads of determination.  The majority of the students really took their time, pencils and erasers working diligently to get lines just right.  After all their hard work, we ended the class with a quick and fun paper plate drawing for one of the directors, Nikita.  I love how varied, colorful and carefree these turned out.
If you are in the TCI and have some spare time to volunteer, please call directors Nikita or Roxanne Wake-Forbes on 649.332.9605.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Abbie and Grant visit Fleur de Lys

Images courtesy of Grant and Abbie via facebook

Last week Fleur de Lys Villa welcomed Grant and Abbie from Colorado.  Grant and his older siblings have been long time friends of mine from Wyoming, where Abbie also has family roots, so it was nice to do some decade due catching up.  Grant was celebrating his 30th birthday island style-snorkeling, swimming, and sleeping in!  They loved the villa inside and out, the above images were just a few of the many photos they took on the property during their week long holiday.

Here's the happy couple, and a distant sailboat nestled between their shoulders, on one of their sunset walks along Grace Bay Beach.  They spent the majority of their trip on Providenciales, but took an adventurous day trip to North and Middle Caicos where they had the gorgeous Mudjin Harbor and Dragon Cay to themselves.

What an incredible sunset they captured here, reflections in the water fading into shimmering turquoise clarity  close to the shore.  Their last night we attended the beach bonfire party for Race for the Conch, a one mile eco-seawim.  This Green Globe event had a fantastic turnout, both for the early afternoon race and for the evening celebration.  They could not have asked for a a better way to say goodbye to the island,  barefeet in the sand, jerk chicken on the plate, music and laughter all around, and a starry sky to soak it all in. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ashley Greene, Eclipse, and SoBe

Photography by Raphael Mazzucco
The Twilight films have made mega-stars of the cast; the media coverage on the latest Eclipse premiers have been an indication that the popularity of the films and the young stars is ever increasing.  I had the opportunity to work with Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in the series, last November on a photo and video shoot for SoBe Life Water.  Ashley was delightful, very down to earth and such a trooper throughout the entirety of the production. Ashley underwent 12 hours of body painting each day by famed make-up artist Joanne Gair, and her amazing assistants, Isaac and Elizabeth.  While the majority of the crew were still getting shut-eye, the production team lead by Robie Yamamoto, the make-up team, and Ashley were starting our work day at 2am!   I have a soft spot for Robie, who's astonished face did not even crack a grin when, soon after arriving on location in the darkness of the wee hours of the morning, I walked straight into a glass door in full stride!!!  The experience was far more effective than a cup of coffee for a wake-up call:)  To see the incredible detail in the airbrushed and hand painted make-up application click here and then check out Ashley's behind the scenes interview.

Many productions come to the Turks and Caicos Islands for the incredible beaches alone, but Sobe required a picture perfect beach and a luscious, tropical jungle.  This was the perfect opportunity to show production clientele we have much more to offer than jewel toned seas and powdery white sand.  One can even find a grotto, hidden amongst a mini rainforest, filled with the sounds of chirping birds and the steady flow of a streaming waterfall.  I believe everyone involved enjoyed the island, both while at work and most certainly at play, especially during our outrageously fun wrap party at the Gansevoort.  Multi-talented make up assistant Isaac Prado-Zazueto entertained the entire Bagatelle Bistro with his phenomenal hula hoop dancing!  Before long everyone wanted to give the hula hoop a whirl.  We hope to see you all back here in the TCI in the near future.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Images by Slim Aarons originally posted on mrs lilien

I like the idea of an independence day weekend being spent near water; a lake, a river, an ocean - no matter, preferably with a bbq, a boat, and a cocktail nearby.  I like the idea of red, white, and blues, fruits, flags, and pies. But I can do WITHOUT the fireworks and if you want to know why, click to Declare your independence from toxic fireworks pollution.  Once you know that those beautiful blasts fill the environment and your lungs with cancer and chemicals, I bet you'll agree that you could do without them too.  

Doesn't this blondy scream All-American?   Khaki, gingham, stripes, and pearly whites.  I don't dwelve much into the topic of fashion but in honor of my homeland, I want to spread the word on a company that hits close to home, the 1939 clothier.  This one is for the fellas, a California based gentleman's brand of well-mades in the good ol' US of A.   Jimmy is family and Jimmy's blog is fantastic, a great slice of Americana-classic cars, denim, and yard sales.

Photographs taken between 1916-1919, depictions were created using hundreds of people

Canada Day

Image above from Design Sponge
I'm a couple days tardy but I am somewhat new to being somewhat Canadian.  A belated happy national day to many of my favorite people on the planet!  For my fellow Americans or otherwise international readers who may not know, July 1st is the anniversary celebration stemming from the year 1867 when the enactment of the British North America Act took place.  It united the colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada into a federation of four provinces (the Province of Canada being divided into Ontario and Quebec).  Canade became a single country, though the British Parliament had limited political control over until 1982 when the Constitution Act patriated the Canadian constitution.
Though the above interiors are most not likely not in Canada, they feel very Canadian to me;  red and white patriotic color palette, humble, cozy, and country.   To see hundreds of amazing Canadian interiors, gardens, design, and one of my favorite resources,  stop by Style At Home.  The magazine is just as delicious as the site.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Best wishes to Debbie and Mike

Images by Brilliant via facebook

I met Mike around six years ago at an island art show where the both of us were presenting work.   A short time after I met his upbeat, pretty girlfriend Debbie and I distinctly recall a conversation where my (now) husband and I, and the two of them, bonded together over "no intentions to get married" campaign.  We had a good laugh about that recently when we bumped into each other at the grand opening for the Veranda.  They shared an intimate ceremony for two, just a few weeks before our nuptials in January.  The gorgeous photo above was taken at the The Estate, and the insanely romantic photo below, just steps away at the The Lounge, which by the way, looks like this every night of the week minus the bride and groom.

Today marks the time where the couple leaves Providenciales for a new adventure.  Bon voyage and best wishes!