Saturday, December 31, 2011

TC Millwork's Biggest Before and After 2011

We can't believe it has already been a year since we completed 2010's biggest before and after and now here we are featuring 2011's!  Midway through last summer TC Millwork started work on this fantastic project in Chalk Sound.  The villa had an outstanding location but was much in need of a reinvention and that is just what it received through the eyes of Coast Architects. Here are a few before images:

Front of House


Rear of House

And a few more images in progress to show just how far this villa has come:

Framing in the pool


Installing the brand new kitchen and vanity cabinetry

Installing the custom doors leading out to the pool and beach

Six months later, presto chango!  Take a peek at a few after images of the new and improved

 Front of house

Custom built entrance doors and freshly painted bright white interiors and ceilings

New windows ideal for capturing natural light in the lofty great room

Bedroom with patio overlooking the beach

Custom kitchen

I like to think of the pool as the grand finale of this villa and most certainly of our extensive renovation.  It posed quite the challenge considering the limitations necessary for keeping regulated proximity to the beach.  Beautiful design by Chris Davies, beautifully executed by the TC Millwork!

Great way to wrap up 2011 team!  Looking forward to all the 2012 projects, big and small, and all the clients, from frequent to first time, to come! 

Happy New Year!

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