Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

As I mentioned in the last post, big changes have been on our horizon for the last couple of months.  Last Thursday, the giant event we had been waiting 40 weeks for . . . our baby's arrival!   We are incredibly thankful and feel tremendously blessed that we now have a perfectly healthy and thriving squirmy little bundle to hold in our arms.  We had a welcome party, our island family, bring us dinner and well wishes last night at our new place and it has been such fun to introduce her to her far away family via skype this afternoon.   Here is daddy on the video call to grandma and Aunt Nancy in Montreal.

Melts my heart!   My love, you are going to be the best dad!  I trust that our next decade as a family will somehow be even more amazing than our journey together as partners over the last.  I would wish you a Happy First Father's Day but I know you have already have had it, I see the joy written all over your handsome face.

Now that I have officially kissed that baby bump/belly goodbye, I'll share these beautiful maternity photos that my dear friend, and new mommy herself, Chanelle took of us just before we passed the golden keys to our beloved Fleur de Lys Villa to the new owners.  Please visit the adorable ontobaby blog to see the full spread!

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